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Seduce your entourage by wearing a unique and stylish garment with our boho dresses. In our extensive collection, you will find boho wedding dresses, floral dresses, white dresses, coloured dresses, slit skirts, and many other models. This type of clothing gives you a look of freedom and lightness. Its chic and simple style allows you to assert your femininity.

The boho wedding dress is trendy

Are you looking for an outfit for an event that counts for you? Like a wedding or a ceremony? Then check out our collection of boho wedding dresses. The bohemian style is perfect for this occasion, short or long, empire cut or portfolio. Our many models will undoubtedly please you.

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Go for a chic and pure style with a white boho dress

Are you looking for fresh, chic and romantic apparel? Look no further; the white bohemian dress will be perfect for you! It is ideal if you are looking for a casual outfit for your summer or spring walks. You can also wear it for everyday life at home.

This style is the best way to bring out your femininity and freshness through your manner. Its light fabric allows you to express your movements and beautiful shape.

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A romantic and feminine style with our boho maxi dresses

Wear a dress that reflects your character and bohemian style. Discover all our boho maxi dresses and let yourself be carried away by the charm this exudes. Discover many designs, such as floral print, a dress with colourful patterns, and white or vintage.

Lightweight and comfortable to wear, boho dresses are perfect for any occasion. It lets your body breathe and, above all, gives freedom to your movements. 

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What is the bohemian style ?

The boho style has become a trendy style in recent years. But its origins go back to the early 19th century. The perception is not only from a clothing point of view but, above all, an attitude to life. ❤️

Bohemian interiors, bohemian lifestyles, or bohemian decorations: we hear it more and more often. Where does this word come from? Initially, a Bohemian was an inhabitant of the western part of the Czech Republic, Bohemia. 🇨🇿 The French word "bohème" was used for gipsies in France that claimed to come from Bohemia. Thus, in France, "Bohème" became a name for gipsies. In English, it is known as "Bohemian".

The best-known history of the bohemian style is that of the gipsies in France. These gipsies did not follow the norms and culture prevalent in France at the time. They preferred creativity, individualism, and freedom to worldly life. Their bohemian dress style spread among artists, alternative lifestyles, spiritual groups, and other groups who wanted to think freely. The clothing we know today still strongly resembles the style of the time: many intense colours, busy prints, broad cuts, long skirts, flashy jewellery, feathers, and symbols. It is often complemented by a western touch in waistcoats, boots, and hats.

This movement was also inspired by the rock'n'roll 🎸 and hippie era 🌈, movements known to have a different philosophy of life from the common one. 

To sum up, dressing bohemian is mainly about adopting a different, accessible, and above all comfortable outfit. The purpose is to deviate from the fashion code dictated by the big fashion influencers. The bohemian style has many faces. You can choose from vintage, boho chic, boho country or more modern styles.